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Welcome to the Talespin Tribute!

I am your webmistress, Ali. This site is a small tribute to one of my favorite shows of all time. It's a golden oldie - the show that inspired me to write and take art more seriously. And of course, provided hours of entertainment.

Talespin is an amusing and inspiring ride. Packed full with intriguing characters, a unique setting and time, and plenty of adventure and heart...and pirates! Who can't love a show with pirates!
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What's new 1/5/10

A tiny update. There's a poem in the fanfiction section and some new fanart in the art section. That's it!
I realize I've gotten a few emails over the months and I never did respond. So yeah, now I am XD Anyway, the comics on this page can be freely distrubted. They're not mine so I can't rightly restrict them to my page :) So take them if you'd like, spread the TS love! This page is really just a tribute; there are better and more frequently updated TS sites out there. Though I don't mind a link-back or two ;)