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Mark Ballou

Mark Ballou was born on 12th October 1971 in New York.

He has appeared repeatedly on American television since the early 90's, appearing in, among many others, Brotherhood of the Gun, Roseanne and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In 1990 he received a nomination for his part in Paradise (1988).

He has also worked in several films, including Big, In & Out, Dreamers and, most recently, The Wedding Toast.

Mark has experience with Martial Arts and is a very physical individual, listing his hobbies as climbing, swimming, backpacking, snowboarding, skateboarding and horseback riding. He is also a licensed SCUBA diver.

Mark Ballou

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Although he has performed a lot of voiceover work, he has had only two parts voicing an actual animated character: Rotor the Walrus and more recently, Pop from the Rice Krispies adverts, a part he reprised in 2008. Most of his other voiceover work has been in advertising.

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