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Name: Rotor.
Surname: Unknown. Usually just referred to by his species.
Age: 15 or 16.
Gender: Male.

Rotor is a shy but intelligent individual. His slow manner and fairly restricted vocabulary give no hint as to his technical prowess. It is thought that his easy-going manner has more to do with shyness than lack of intelligence, as he does appear more confident once dealing with his area of expertise. Rotor doesn't anger easily and seems rather shy about expressing it when he does, and this supports the idea of his inherent shyness.

Rotor feels his most confident when he is with his friends. He prefers others to do the talking, a symptom of his shyness. Those close to him, his friends and family, mean a lot to him - he's very family-orientated.

Rotor's Symbolism


Fictional characters are an amalgamation of symolism embodied into one identity, (e.g., youth often = rashness, femininity may = intuition). Rotor is no different, and a breakdown of his symbolism follows:

Rotor represents the introspective side of ourselves, the side which navel-gazes and scrutinizes its own actions and thoughts. We all have a side to ourselves like this. It is the part of ourselves we use when we are going to be around other people (social anxiety) and it is also the part of us which doubts ourselves, and lacks confidence.


His physical form echoes this: his obesity and large teeth, although perfectly acceptable on a walrus, are physical characteristics considered unattractive in humans. Humans - typically women, but increasingly men - imagine themselves to be fatter and less facially attractive than they really are.

Rotor considers himself 'nerdy' and has honed his technical knowledge to a level that may suggest he uses it as a defense ("if I spend my time working on this, I don't have to face other people"). I think we have all done this from time to time.

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