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The whole house

Rotor lives in a three-storey house with bowed walls to the bottom and middle level and a viewing platform of sorts at the top. It appears to be the most spacious house of all the Freedom Fighters, as the others all appear to live in one-storey huts. Let's take a tour...


The house in general is strangely-built, with a bowed bottom level. There are 3 storeys, the ground floor, a middle floor and an open top level. To one side is a separate closet in which he keeps odds, ends, bits, bobs and anything he wants to stash away.



Outside and to one side of Rotor's house is a store room built of wood. This is the only real glimpse we get of Rotor's organisational habits, but either he's a but slobbish when it comes to storing things or this is his one 'black hole' storage place. And face it: we've all got one.

Ground Floor

Haven't yet found any pictures that are definitely of the ground floor, but I'll keep looking.

Middle Floor

Same for the middle floor. I'm not sure if we see this at all during the whole cartoon.

Top Level

Top level

The top level of Rotor's house is a wooden viewing platform with a canopy. It is protected by low, slightly angled walls on three sides and has a sloping wall with an attachment for a telescope on the fourth.

There is roughly enough room for all 5 of the Freedom Fighters to stand in there with enough space to move comfortably.

Top level

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